Live Your Own Life.

Live your own life. Live the life you were meant to. Live for what you have in mind.

There is one thing I will never stop believing in: the grind. Do you see that light, in the back of your glimpse, when your eyes are red and tired, you have black circles under your eyes, your skin is shit because you haven’t slept in 36 hours and you’re about to have a breakdown, but still, you are smiling? That’s the grind. That’s the passion. That is going to make the difference.

I’m going to tell you a very quick story of the woman I admire the most, my grandmother. A very simple, however ambitious person. She could have chosen the easy way and become a wife, but she didn’t: she had a dream and she pursued it. She wanted to open a hotel, knowing nothing of the job and very little of the cooking side. Still, 52 years later, she is in the kitchen and keeps doing what she likes the most: cooking. She created a business and she believed in it, she saw it when no one else did.

I have been growing up with her as a mentor, with her telling me that whatever I wanted to do in life, that was fine, as long as I loved it. You don’t have to keep our business running, but you have to do a job that you love. So here I am, fighting for a dream no one sees, but me. And I am tired of hearing people breaking my wings and telling me it is not worth it. Because, my darling, as long as I see it coming, as long as I am willing to sacrifice everything for that vision, as long as I believe it is worth it, then you don’t have a voice.

Because in our society, it gets too easy to criticize, without knowing what it’s behind that. Why someone has done that. Why someone has taken that path. It’s not our call to make. Live your own life.

Have A Safe Journey!



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