April goals


I’m looking at my march goals’ list and I’m satisfied (almost).

So better not to talk about the goals regarding healthy lifestyle, these for sure have not been reached yet.


– Visit Ottawa and Montreal  DONE

– University application DONE

– Studying English DONE since I took the exam the last week

-Trying my best with the kids DONE

So I can say that I’m pretty satisfied of what I did this last month.

Anyway, let’s go on, and set other goals, right?

For April:

  1. Keep visiting and experiencing. I’ve planned yet one weekend in Niagara on-the-Lake with my relatives here from Canada and another one in Windsor always as a family-visit trip.
  2. Planning my trip to New York in May! I can’t wait.
  3. Let’s retry with my healthy purpose. This is my goal since I was born so ahahah. No I’m kidding, anyway now I should have more time, so at least twice a week I’ll go to the gym.
  4. Get the tickets for some sport games like NBA and Blue Jays.
  1. Planned to go to Buffalo for sure. It’s a shame, Buffalo is 15 minutes away.
  2. And try to write more, because I haven’t written a lot in March but I will do my best to be more constant.


To keep you update about my daily life..

The kids are growing, my little Tenley is learning few words and she is showing up her personality and guys GOOD LUCK. A strong little woman is taking her first steps in this world. Be ready.

My two boys are growing too, they are pretty good and lovely. Usually when one have a good day, the other has a bad day, so there are no boring days.  Everyday it’s an adventure and something new to learn.


I’m missing my friends but, I met  a lot of girls here and we are always in touch.

Toronto is more and more beautiful, especially with a sunny weather like yesterday.

To be honest, now I don’t wanna come back…




Be inspired and enjoy your life

Have a safe journey!

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