Show Me That Healthy Glow: #19 (Honest Talk)

“Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”. This is what we say, this is what we take into account when taking a decision. “You have to consider the possibility of failure, then make everything in your power to avoid that possibility”. You know that, you know that since day 1. You know that also the day you buy a bib for a race, you know the path, you know the time limit, you know you cannot be sure to make it. But you cannot neither be sure whether you are going to fail. The question is: IS IT WORTH TO GIVE IT A SHOT?

I signed in for my longest race a few months ago, I guess it was somewhere around the beginning of February. I had 2 months and when I told my coach he said: “you are gonna run it as if it was a 10K by then”. Guess what? The race is about 2 weeks away and I’m still wondering whether I will show up at the starting line.

For the entire week, I had been waking up and going to be with this question. I asked an opinion to everyone, because by yesterday I had to decide. OBVIOUSLY, I haven’t decided yet (Yes, I know it’s Friday already). But I have made some progress, or at least I hope so. I DECIDED I AM NOT READY TO GIVE UP ON THE GOAL I COMMITTED TO. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m gonna race. It just means I am gonna try, I’m not going to give up until the very race day.

Have A Safe Journey!




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