April’s Goals!

When Camilla asked me to write a post about my personal goals and projects for this month, she caught me completely unprepared: despite my precision and my attention to details that are almost maniacal, I’ve never planned my month in a very precise way. Maybe for my laziness or maybe not to raise my stress and anxiety levels (which are always very high), I’ve always preferred living my life day by day, without any precise program. 

However, as my routine has become really messy and hectic since I moved to Trento, I think this could be a perfect way to face my days positively and with more motivation than before. So, let’s try!

1) Study at least half of the programmes of economy and history, since the dates of our summer exams are almost all out and I’m starting to panic lol

2) Enjoy my Easter break in the best way possible, spending as much time as I can with my family and my high school friends, which I unfortunately can’t see very much.

3) Try to enjoy the last days of freedom before the period of hard study with my friends here in Trento, joining parties, events, nightlife and all of the things that I won’t see for a long time very soon lol

4) Learn to iron and cook decently; I know that it may seem a very stupid goal, but I think I’m one of the worst housewives living, so it would be so great!

5) Keeping up with houseworks (worst housewife living, remember).

6) Find some time to read at least one of the many books on my shelf: Murakami, Dan Brown, Oscar Wilde, Francis Scott Fitzgerald and Baudelaire are waiting for me!

7) Try to be constant with my posts here on Have A Safe Journey.

8) Eat healthily and lose some weight (hopefully).

9) Stop worrying about stupid things (maybe the most important one).

Too much optimistic, uh? I promise I’ll keep you up to date!

Meanwhile, as always, Have a Safe Journey!


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