Aperitivo is Always the Answer

AAA. Never underestimate the power of the 3A rule: Aperitivo is Always the Answer. I was stressed out on Monday, as you read. I wasn’t sure I did everything possible to make that run the most amazing run possible and I wasn’t sure that giving up one weekend of parties was worth a sh*tty run either. Still, when on Tuesday it was time to go for an aperitivo to celebrate Luana’s birthday, little I knew but that was going to help me out.

Not because I needed alcohol, nor because I needed junk food. I simply wanted some time to just switch off every single worry. I was worried because I’m a bit behind with studying. I was worried because I am a bit behind with my running. I was mad about running. I was mad because of some private life matter.

Still, as soon as we sat down, on that little table of the local bar, right in front of the university, where everyone was having fun and drinking an aperitivo, with the sun setting in the back, I was sure I had made the right decision. YES, I could have studied. YES, I could have gone running, to the gym, to the shopping centre. YES, I could have done so many things, but still, that had been the best decision so far.

It literally helped me feeling a little lighter, a little relaxed and very happy. I felt grateful because that was the university life I was hoping for, when I first started. Not one of doing nothing but aperitifs all day, but one of hard work, a busy, messy, crazy life, full if joys but also responsibilities, full of passion, feelings, adventures and also studying, sometimes weirdly interrupted by one hell of a good aperitivo, preferably caipirinha.

 AAA… Have A Safe Journey!




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