The List: April

New month, new goals, right? So, I am gonna be the first one of the group to write down her ambitions, projects, goals, dreams for the month, but in the next days Monica and Federica will be sharing theirs as well.

Entering the first month of the year, which marks kind of my halfway through preparation for the final big goal, is a bit scary, considering I still feel like I am not reaching what I want to reach. However, we are working toward it. Here’s what I want to achieve by the end of the month:

  1. *
  2. Application to summer programs, you gotta figure out what you wanna do.
  3. Finish to sum up all history books and political science books.
  4. Meal prep every time you need to eat at university.
  5. Try that damn spinning class.
  6. Go to yoga classes with Chiara once a week, at least, better twice.
  7. Apply the 80/20 rule to eating, exercising and life in general.
  8. Support Bea doing the hell week!
  9. Read a book, preferably an inspirational one.
  10. Figure out a trip you’d better be doing.
  11. Stretch every damn morning until your knees/tibials/ankles get better. You gotta do this, Camilla, seriously.

*I decided to leave the first goal of the month blank this time. Not because I don’t know which goal has to come first, or because I don’t have one. In my mind that little star means way more than you can imagine. It means I am gonna do my best to run a race, something that excites and at the same time scares me. It means even though I have had one setback after another, I am gonna try. I am not going to tell you which race I am going to do, I am not going to tell you whether I will. A small circle of friends/ family/ trusted ones know I bought the bib and maybe I will just go there, I’ll drive there by myself and see how it goes. I have no idea what is going to happen within three weeks, but I’m 100% sure I am not going to give up.

What are your goals for the month?

Have A Safe Journey!


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