The List: March – Check


Ready for the check? So here it is.

  1. One long run (20k) by the end of the month – 18KM instead of 20, but still I managed to get a PB. HALF DONE.
  2. Taking part to 2 projects for uni. DONE, and proud of it.
  3. Staying on track with (at least) running even when abroad. DONE DONE DONE DONE! I hit the gym 4 times in Montreal, can you believe it? So incredible.
  4. Learning to meal-prep like a pro. DONE! Veggie burger, I owe you this.
  5. 23 posts on the blog. INCREDIBLY NOT DONE, but the month was truly full so I understand.
  6. Apply to a summer program. NOT DONE.
  7. Going to spinning at least once. NOT DONE, but at least today I found out where the spinning classes take place.
  8. Run more KM than last month. DONE, and proud.
  9. Using less the bus and more the bike (except for rain). MY BIKE BROKE, this is not my fault.
  10. Learning how to make coffee with the caffettiera. DONE
  11. Learning how to do the shopping efficiently (aka not losing myself in the supermarket, wondering if I got it all). DONE
  12. Not being behind with the uni work (even though the trips and everything). HALF DONE lol.

Have A Safe Journey!



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