April Editorial

Spring is finally here! The weather is getting warmer every day, there are so many incredibly sunny days here in Trento and flowers are blooming all over the town. It’s a brand new month, a blank page, a new chapter of this amazing 2017, there are brand new challenges ahead and I’m sure there will be brand new accomplishments and joys for all of us… aren’t you excited?

The main concept of this month’s posts is stronger together.

As you noticed, between February and March two regular contributors started to write for Have A Safe Journey. This brought a lot of new followers, but also some complains, about the change. There was no longer one voice only behind Have A Safe Journey, HSJ has stopped corresponding to myself only. Of course, I was scared too. Because HSJ has been my safe place to let my thoughts flow for the past two years and a half, and now it’s no longer mine only.

I want to be honest with you. The idea behind Have A Safe Journey, as I explained to my contributors before hiring them, was the one of a woman who is strong, who can stand alone in this crazy, weird, sometimes hard, world. A woman who doesn’t know for sure where she wants to be in 5 or 10 or even 20 years’ time, but, hell yes, she is willing to to give her 100% in order to fulfill that dream, that goal she has in mind. What does it come from? Well, a few months ago I found an old time letter (sorry, I am not going to be more specific) which was probably addressed to an older me (written in 2002-2003 circa). When describing the little me, the author said: “You were exactly how I wanted you to be” and the first adjective the author used was “strong”.

So yes, everyone of us is trying to make it at life. Monica flew to the other side of the world because something wasn’t working out in her life and somewhere, on the other side of the ocean, she is trying to find herself, or to lose herself, depending on your point of view. Federica moved from Campobasso to Trento, at the beginning of September. Living alone might be hard and she is experiencing it everyday, just like myself and probably every student living away from home and/or on campus. Sometimes, daydreaming about past adventures is the answer and Fede will help you do that by letting you into her travel stories, as if you were skating in South California or hiking at the Grand Canyon.

What about myself? I am confused, somehow empty and I feel pretty weird. What will I talk about this month? I honestly have a few ideas, but still, finding a specific concept for me is way harder. First of all, because I try to write several times a week. Secondly, I have been considering this blog like an online diary, and many times I just tried to let the thoughts flow as spontaneously as they could. However, when I noticed that it was no longer the small bloggy-blog I opened in Canada almost 3 years ago, I also understood I cannot keep on doing it. I will try to be more methodic when writing, I promise. But I will also remain natural, spontaneous, filterless. I will remain myself, most of all.

What we expect? The Studio and I will try to grow, as a team and as human beings, we will try to be the best version of ourselves (quote from E.B. Larssen) and to keep believing in our goals and giving our 100% in order to reach them.

What about you? What are you looking forward to do? What is the main focus of the month? 

Stay tuned to read about our personal goals, coming online later today and next week.

Have A Safe Journey!

April Editorial

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