TRAVELLING see more, do more and be more!

It was time to travel!!

This was my plan:

Leaving date: Wednesday 22nd at night

Come back date: Monday 27th in the morning

Two days in Montreal and two days in Ottawa

1st car driving to the bus station

24 hours of buses

6 buses in total

1st  Airbnb alone

Two cities to visit

This was going to be my first real trip since I’m here and I was suuper excited.

I traveled during the night with no sleeping. In the morning I arrived in Montreal, left my bag in the apartment and I was completely exhausted. But that was just the beginning of my little holiday, I should have found a solution. Since only a cup of coffee would have been the solution, I started looking around me realizing that I was in a pretty nice area. Walking along the Rue Ontario I found a pretty cafè “le cafè sfous”. It was love at the first sight, it looked like the typical cafè you can see only in the movies. Perfect interior design, flowers, the smell of freshly baked pie, coffee served in little cup ( like Italian style)… I was drinking my cappuccino, feeling at home for a little bit, posting the picture on Instagram, thinking about everything and nothing..just relaxing and enjoying that moment. Before I left I thought that I would have said my appreciation to the girl of the cafè. And so it was..”Awesome place and the cappuccino was very well done” I said. She looked at me in a weird way, I felt like she was studying me..when she replied: Tu hai detto cappuccino in un modo troppo italiano, da tempo non lo sentivo. Devi essere italiana” (you said cappuccino with a real Italian pronunciation, it’s been a long time since I heard this. You should be Italian! ) I was like OOOOOOH. Completely without words, and she started laughing, and I was amazed because I loved that bar but from that moment I love it more! The first Italian I’ve met since I’m here, can you believe it? She was born in Libano, but she had lived in Italy since she was 4 y and then she moved in Quebec at the age of 22. Now she is the owner of this nice place. I obviously went there the day after, we talked a lot. We were both very interested in talking and knowing each other. I tasted one of her pies “Almond, lemon and honey home-made  pie” . I loved it and  that was the best way to start another new day.

I just wanna give you an idea..I was in this pretty cafè, talking with this girl, drinking cappuccino, my favourite..outside the snow was sweetly touching the ground, I was in Montreal, far from everything and everyone, just me..the feeling I had was a deep and quiet happiness..



Montreal impressed me.

I knew that it was a French speaking province, but I’ve never thought  that everybody really speaks in French. The only time I spoke English was with my Airbnb host, that’s it.

Walking around the city I could breathe European air. This city has something special for me, because it’s different from the typical Canadian cities. Everything reminded me Europe.

Trying to make the most of the time there, I walked a lot and visited the old part of the city, le Mont-Royal,  la basilique de Notre Dame, le parc Olympic and le quartier latin. The best? Mont-Royal for sure. From a specific point called Le Chalet du Mont-Royal, you can enjoy the amazing view of the city. The perfect weather, sunny and snowy, contribute to make that experience even nicer.



7D1AE22D-2E36-4ED4-8423-D663EF26E2FAButterflies in freedom ( Botanical garden)

Valerie, my airbnb host, was very nice too. I was alone, so having someone to talk with, was perfect. She was from France, we had a lot of things in common. We watched a movie and she made me the supper the last night, so i couldn’t ask for someone better ( being the first time with Airbnb).


Goodbye to Valerie, Goodbye to my favourite Italian girl at le cafè sfous..

Saturday morning I got off the bus in a beautiful snowy day, leaving a little piece of my heart in Montreal.

Ready for another adventure, and this time not alone, Jessica and I were both on the way to Ottawa.

To be continued..

Be inspired and enjoy your life.


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