Eat Clean to Stay Fit, Eat a Burger to Stay Sane


This morning, while trying to figure out what topic I was going to talk about on today’s post, I saw a super cool video from Gigi Hadid and listened to her life motto: Eat clean to stay fit, eat a burger to stay sane. I guess I can live by her words (except for burger, I’d rather say drink a caipirinha, or eat an ice creameat pasta, but still this is a life truth.

After Canada, I had had enough of fast food, bad food, non-nutritious food. I wanted to commit a seriously healthy lifestyle, but I didn’t want to go extreme, or at least, too extreme. So, I sticked to a few simple rules:

  1. Don’t eat outside at lunch when in university, bring your food from home (have you seen how cool meal prepping looks?). You will save money (and calories).
  2. Cheat day is Sunday, and Sunday only. But since at university every day is a night out, you can drink once during the week (because, you know, caipirinha is vegan), while the other days you will avoid alcohol, stick to a juice or (but preferably not) a diet coke, and no food of the aperitivo. (Obviously alcohol has to be avoided if you have a run planned).
  3. Eat more raw food, less meat, less carbs, more fish, more vegetables and more fruit.
  4. Avoid chocolate, sugar or high glycemic index food, so that I will feel fuller longer. Go for smoothies and juices, that’s what summer stands for.
  5. Don’t regret Sunday, cheat day stands there to keep a balance in your life. However, if you skip it, you gotta wait till the week after.

As simple as that, well even though it’s not that simple. I am trying to stick to it at least till Easter Holidays, where cheating will be more likely to happen, and then will readapt it, by starting from the good and the bad aspects, the positive and the negative. Let’s say, I might change the cheat day from Sunday to Saturday for instance. But still, this is the main idea.

Who is in with me?

Have A Safe Journey!



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