“L’Invitation au Voyage” – Personal guides for travelling the world.

“Là, tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté,                                                                                                                     Luxe, calme et volupté.”

Never read any of these words before, uh? Yeah, understandable, not everybody is a Baudelaire lover like me (unfortunately..). But first, before explaining you the sense of this quotation, I do introduce myself.

My name is Federica and I’m a nineteen-years-old student of the International Studies’ degree course in Trento as well as the newest member of The Studio; I’m completely new to this blogging thing so, please, try to be understanding if I’m not at Camilla’s levels (because I’m not).

I ended up in this new and fascinating world of “Have A Safe Journey” thanks to Camilla, of course, one of the dearest classmates I met in Trento, who some days ago, while we were eating at the university’s refectory, asked me to be part of her team. She said me she needed “strong and fearless women who can talk about themselves and their passions and who aren’t afraid of catching flights, travelling the world and asserting themselves confidently”; after this statement I was so glad she asked me, because I understood that maybe that image of me that I’d like the others to perceive is probably working pretty well. Furthermore, this little space that I have here from now on is giving me the opportunity to combine and present the things which I love the most in my life: writing, travelling, photography, literature and art.

Yes, I do have many interests and yes, I do have a very polyhedral personality. Exactly from the variety of passions that characterizes me, I came up to the idea of a series of posts I will publish weekly from now on “Have A Safe Journey” on a column called “L’invitation au voyage”.

The title is not random at all since it is the name of one of my favourite poems by Charles Baudelaire (the one and only love of my life); if you don’t know the poem please, PLEASE, go read it because it’s so damn real and fascinating you’ll end up loving it, I promise (especially if you read it directly in French!). Anyway, I chose this particular poem to name my new column because of the meaning of it: “L’invitation au voyage” might be considered a hymn to the escape from a bad reality for a country dominated by beauty and love that are not corrupted by time and in which you feel exactly where you want to be.

Personally, I feel really represented by this poem because I’m kinda addicted to travelling: I’ve always travelled since I was a child and quite a lot being only a 19-years-old girl and, as I always say, “travelling is what I do best”. According to this, from now on, I’ll try to post weekly (university permitting) my personal little guides to the places I visited, also presenting them through the photos I took while I was there, hoping, in this way, to instill to you my passion for travelling the world and (why not?) also to excite your curiosity.

Meanwhile, Have A Safe Journey!


While flying over the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA – August 2016
Beach paradise in Maldives – July 2015

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