EVERYTHING IS AWESOME, but…(au pair life)

 “Should be awesome there” – ”you look so happy” – ”you made the right choice” – ”Do you really live there? it’s like a dream!”

Yes everything is true BUT, as you know,  there is always another side of the coin.

The last week was pretty tough. Homesickness, night shift, crazy kids..

They are growing so fast, like little sponges, they absorb everything from you.

I realized, as an au pair, that everyday is about finding a balance.

First, you have to educate your kids. If you were the mother would be easier. But you are the au pair, a big sister that has to act like a teacher. The truth is that you need to find a BALANCE from your educational background and how the parents wants the kids be educated. Ipad or no ipad? Timeout or not? Yes you can have it or not? It’s hard.

You are taking care of kids, they are changing day by day, you have to face every extraordinary situation that could happened. An example? The other day Greyden woke up very mad because he didn’t want a red wall in his room anymore. He really wanted another colour, really really he said. You just think “Oh come on, really? 7 in the morning and you wanna arguing about your wall?

Just an example, I could write a list. Do you think it was easy to find a way to convince him to change that idea? At 7 in the morning? Mmm..no.

You can’t have a bad day with them, your negativity will affect them.  Sometimes I just need to see my family and talk with my friends..just a little while, I’m not asking for much.  But you know it’s not possible, and you know that you can’t start your day with your little kids in that mood.  Here we are again, find your balance.

And what about  money balance? I really want to visit, I really want to do this, I really want to do that..but then you check your account and money are not enough. Oh Shoot! It’s up to you how to spend your money. Find your strategy to survive and  realize your dreams.

In the meantime I’ve planned my trip to Ottawa, Montreal at the end of March ( one of my march goals)! I’ve planned to visit my relatives in Windsor..what else? Keep planning!

Be inspired and enjoy your life.

Have a safe journey!







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