MUN Rome & More Adventures


I have a thing, which might as well be a problem. I love challenges. I have been challenging myself to improve, to reach every single goal I had in mind as long as I can remember. I have been giving myself a pretty full schedule of goals for the year and I have to admit I’m pretty scared with the thought of everything I still have to do.
However, for now I’m staying on track. What is going on? Well, I’m always on the grind (JOKING, seriously, yesterday night I was at my dad’s house laying in my PJs on the sofa, grind who?). Still, I’m trying to make the most of this experience called university, or even this experience called life.
After the MEU Vienna, I had some more simulations in mind, starting from the Model United Nations in Rome, the biggest Italian UN’s diplomatic simulation organized by Consules.
I was a delegate of the General Assembly Plenary, representing the Central African Republic.
It was a weird experience I have to say… at first I was so scared to talk in front of about 200 people, I mean me? Giving a speech? Seriously?
But then, after severals attempt, it became quite natural and I admit the last time I gave a speech (very emotional and platonic but useless af) I was more relaxed and secure. I faced one of my greatest fears, giving a speech in front of people.

Now, onto the next adventure!
Have A Safe Journey!


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