March Goals

I came here thinking of just living day by day with no plans and doing whatever I want to.
In a few weeks I realized that this was not for me. I need goals. Since is flying, I need to plan in order not to waste my time here.
So what’s better than a list? “MARCH GOALS”
1. Study English since I have my IELTS exam in April. At least 1 hour a day.
2. Applied for the University.
3. Visit Buffalo, living at 10 minutes from it.
4. Visit Montreal and Ottawa, I’m not sure I will have time this month but for sure I will do it soon.
5. As an au pair try to do my best. Some days I’m frustrated or I just have a bad day and I don’t want to transmit to my kids my bad feelings. So try to do my best even if the day is not one of the best.
6. Eat healthier! Being an au pair and a dietitan at the same time it’s pretty hard. (Au pairs can understand me) I will share with you some meals with some advices.
7. Run or going to the gym at least TWICE a week in preparation for the X-MEN RACE Toronto 2017. Crazy idea of my crazy host mom. Now I’m registered so I better move and get ready!
8. At last but least, keep writing in this blog week by week. I would describe it as a positive, unexpected commitment.
Not a lot, but better than nothing.
Let’s reach these goals!
Life as au pair sometimes could be hard but only if you live it you can understand. Some weeks could be boring and some others could be the best you have ever lived.
So I want to take all the opportunities offered to learn, inspired myself and collect unforgettable moments.

Be inspired and enjoy your life.

Have a safe journey!


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