Vienna Diary: #2

Good morning from Vienna! I woke up pretty late than my usual time and went for a coffee in the city center. Then, decided to get a Chai Soy Latte and a sweet for breakfast, just because, you know… life.


Again, I wandered around with no destination, I entered in some museums, was a tourist somehow. It was relaxing, freeing and I actually enjoyed it a lot. I also had some time at a Starbucks to write the first photo diary. Then, I had lunch and what could I have, if not a typical Bratwurst? It was so goo, even though it was huge.


After that we went on a tour with the MEU group and it was really cool. We entered in the City Hall, we wandered around again (averaging 18km walk again) and well, we also had the loacker but better thing for break (very childish I know, but still delicious).


Then we got ready for the Opening Ceremony at the House of the European Union and for the first time in my life, since the dress code was business attire, I wore a tailleur. It was a weird feeling, because you feel elegant but not the way you feel when wearing a dress. Still, it was a very cool night and I really enjoyed.


The next two days are going to be intense and the simulation is gonna take most of the time, but still I love the atmosphere and the inspiration I’m finding and getting from people around.

How was your day?

Have A Safe Journey!


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