Collecting Moments

I’m writing from my favourite Starbucks in Toronto..real Canadians are gonna hate me for that because only Tim Hortons is the best!! (and bla bla, never argue with Canadians about that) .

7 degrees today, WHAT?

Yes 7 degrees and for Canadians is actually SUMMER so t-shirt and short pants. Walking in the downtown you can recognise them: sufferent faces wondering what happened to their lovely winter with -30° . But for me is something amazing! Lucky me

I went to the island today and it was absolutely amazing. Talking and sharing the same experience with people from all over the world is amazing. People are my insipiration and this is the reason why i love to stay here.


This is about my days off, but what about my worKing days…


Do you remember that I talked about the three P’s.

Poo is a big problem of my life as an au pair now.

I’ve never imagine in my life, or NOT NOW at least to deal with this kind of problems.

I’m hardly triyng to convince my 4 yr kid to poo in the puddy. I know it’s kind of funny, BUT NOT FOR ME. I’m getting frustrated!

– Are u a baby? –NO- So why do you poo in your pants?- I DON’T KNOW.

This is the conversation and we could talk for hours, but the conclusion would be I DON’T KNOW.

And just by coincidence in the moment he says “i don’t know” he has the cutest and sweeties little face ever..- That’s ok brady i love u ☺ ( au pair raises white flag).

What about my English? Improving for sure, BUT my host parents don’t lose the opportunity to teasing me when I pronounce some words wrong.

Guys i can’t deal with this fucking language ahahah. Some examples?

beicon not bècon…bègol not bigol ( beagol is something to eat so pay attention cause you could say that ate a dog ahah).

BUT the most embarrassing moment actually was on my  2nd day here. We were looking at Christmas school concert of the oldest one when my favourite song started.

“I know this song, it’s the song of my best Christmas movie” I said.

“ yeah HOME ALONE” my host mom replied.

“ no no, it’s MOM I LOST THE FLIGHT”

She looked at me (like are you kind of retarded?)“ yes, Home alone”.

“ Oooh yeah you are right, it’s just because ( my voice getting lower and lower) in Italy the title of the movie is different”. DAMN so embarrassing.

But They still love as I am!!

I’m very emotional and I live every moment with all my heart, so you will get used to my ending reflections.

Sadness, homesick, nostalgia for my friends. These are part of my dailylife here..sometimes is not easy,  it’s harder than it could seem.

But at the end of everyday I just think that I’ve never feel so alive in my life. I live all the moments intensively, bad or good they are. This experience is making me appreciate everything.

COLLECTING this is what my life is all about.

Be inspired and enjoy your life.

Have A Safe Journey!

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  1. Lára Davidsdottir says:

    Haha I can so relate to the potty thing my middle host Kid is almost 3 and says the exact same thing when pees or poops his Pants.


    1. The Studio says:

      Really?! I’m not the only one! But so funny😂 Au pair problems😊


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