Recipe: Protein Banana Bread

Today, Francesca is sharing with us an amazing recipe, quick, super easy and yet delicious. The original recipe she gave us was great, but since we are all students living on our own, it ended up weirdly different. You’ll find our edits in italic.

As you know, Americans love banana bread. And since Americans do, why shouldn’t we, right? Here’s a very quick way to make a healthy version, perfect for breakfast, dessert or snack.


2 ripe bananas
150 oat flour (or protein flour)
2 scoop vanilla (chocolate) protein powder
220g vanilla greek yoghurt (coffee greek yoghurt – because you know, winter term)
70g egg white
1 tea spoon baking soda
a pinch of salt
sweetener of choice (we used maple syrup)


Preparation: Simply put them in the mixer and put the batter in the oven, 190° for 20-25 minutes (it has to be baked inside). Let it cool and then put it on a plate. As simple as this.

Extra: Wanna be extra naughty today? We had it yesterday with a scoop of coffee ice-cream and this morning with a spoon of vegan nutella on top! So delicious.

Banana Bread.JPG

Did you like it? Shall we ask Francesca if she wants to share more recipes with us?

Have A Safe Journey!
The Studio




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