Show Me That Healthy Glow:#15 Careful Camilla

Everyone (and I mean literally everyone, even my flatmate who doesn’t even own a pair of trainers) had been telling me I was pushing too hard last week. The problem was that I was truly stressed. I had an exam on yesterday and I wasn’t really into the subject so I kept delaying and delaying and panicking. So, since I know myself pretty well by now, I had to options to deal with everything: either training was much as I could to keep my good vibes only mood alive or nerve induced eating which would only make me feel worse. I decided to go for the training thing.

I started on Monday with a triple session, ladies and gents, not a single, not a double, but a triple session. I did 2okm bike, then I did a routine at the gym and then I went for a total body course which had a 6-rounds circle. Call me crazy, mad, but I truly loved every single minute of it. And the funny thing was that on Tuesday, I felt okay. I went running with a friend and I literally felt like I wasn’t even exercising (last km was 5’16”, how is that even possible?) and no pain the day after. Okay, maybe I started feeling a little bad with my ankles. But on Wednesday, I did a primitive functional movement course and it was focused mainly on stretching and opening up the muscular chains. And, since that wasn’t working out, I did the routine after it. On Thursday, I had a hellish day so I RESTED COMPLETELY. Okay, not completely, I went for 12KM bike. On Thursday I did the usual weekly PT session and that was okay as well. I felt totally awesome when I did it.

On Saturday morning, all the worst that could happened has happened. As soon as I woke up my ankles were in total pain. I could barely move. So I laid in bed with the book I was supposed to study till 11AM, when I painfully decided to go to the pharmacy to get myself some pain killers. I called my PT and he said I had overtrained. He told me to rest and to keep him updated. I took the first pill of the pain killers and literally nothing changed. By the time the afternoon came, I was truly in pain. I couldn’t take another pain killer till dinner time, and I began nerve-induced eating. Thanks God we didn’t have much junk food at home.


On Sunday, the pain was unbearable. I could just lay in bed with a pillow under my ankles. SO ANNOYING. Thanks God on Monday it was a bit better. I took the last pain killer on Tuesday after breakfast and now I feel completely fine. As if nothing has happened… Well, I had quite a moment today at the gym, but that’s another story 🙂


The point is that I need to find a way to deal with stress without ending up in bed with pain killers, it’s not healthy and not good nor for my body, nor for my mind… It’s all about being careful right?

How do you deal with stress?

Have A Safe Journey!

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