For having made me found my path.For having brought me a big sister.

For having made me feel amazing.

For having made me feel awful.

For having made me sweat.

For having made me cry.

For having made me smile.

For having brought me a running wife.

For having made me take the streets with countless crews.

For having taught me to see the big picture.

For having given me a goal.

For having taught me what discipline, sacrifice and hard work mean.

For having taught me, that you get what you give.

For having made me feel at the highest of my highs and at the lowest of my lows.

For having changed and changing my body.

For making me feel unstoppable but also slow as hell.

For giving me an opportunity to go out and hit the road, no matter what.

For making me feel at ease.

Thank you running. For the good, for the bad. For the great, for the horrible. Thank you running, for bringing life back to my survival.

Have A Safe Journey!


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