How Taking a Selfie Every Time I Train Helped Me Being Consistent

“Hey, I haven’t seen you in ages! Did you lose weight?”. It happened to me a few days ago, that when I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time, she reacted like this.“A little”, I answer, while thinking *YES OF COURSE I DID, LOOK HOW TONED MY BUTT IS*. She asked me why, how, for what.

Why? That’s not gonna be today’s story. For what? I’ll tell you once we reach it. How? That’s a long story… how did you lose weight? This is the question we asked everyone every time they look skinnier, as if it wasn’t obvious. There is no secret, no magic pill, it’s just a matter of numbers: the calories you eat (which are supposed to be good calories) have to be less than the ones you burn. As simple as that, there is just an operation to do, keeping a gap between them. If you had an entire life to lose one kg, you could keep the gap by 1 kcal. If you had one week, it had to be bigger.

So how did I lose weight? I had and have a goal. But for getting there, it took me a while.

It took me 6 years of training with Isabella, 4 seasons as a ski racer, 2 years with Jessica, about 10 thousand different diets, about 1 year with Maria (note: Isabella, Jessica and Maria where former PTs, now friends of mine). It took me an incredible amount of failure, countless gym cards never used, countless days of saying: tomorrow I’m starting a new diet, and about countless times of saying: I eat this because I will go running. Oh, and let’s remember the time I used the Kayla Itsines “Bikini Body Guide”, “Sweat with Kayla” and Sophie’s Gray “Way of Gray”. After all this things, I figured out that still, that wasn’t working for me (if it is/was or you think will for you please do it and ignore my stupid description okay?). I needed a challenge. I needed to be challenged every time I entered in a gym and I wanted a small gym where I was going to be followed even when I wasn’t working with a personal trainer.

So that was how it happened. I really had high expectation for a new life, so I checked every gym I could reach in Trento, from the city center to north (south is too far from home). But nothing was okay at first. The cool gym right outside the university was awful but everyone was going there and when I asked information they were like: sure you can go to the courses if we have spots left. And I was like: what if I wanna go to a course now? Or tomorrow?

Then I tried another one. And there it was even worse, I really hated it. Awful, awful, awful. Then I went to a crossfit thing and everyone was so in shape that I felt in the wrong place. Until I found a place that worked for me. And I wanted to share the fact with a couple of friends, so I took a selfie in the changing rooms and sent to them on Whatsapp.

That’s amazing, Cami! I’m so happy you found the right place, my best friend said. And so it began. I’ve taken a selfie almost every time I go there, and I also try to write a little caption on the Instagram to see the good and the bad sides of the session. I started with this, then I shared my runs. Since I am getting faster, I’ve started to share my pace. The fact is that by creating this diary, I am staying on track. (Says the girl who was eating vegan nutella yesterday). It’s simple: my business profile is followed by people who like my gym, healthy food, running, transformation pics. This means I need to train, otherwise I have no photo. I need to eat healthy, because I cannot fake this. I need to lead an averagely healthy lifestyle, otherwise my blog’s column “Show Me That Healthy Glow” would crush within seconds. Now, even if I know it’s not for that only that I do what I do, I understand it plays some kind of role in my life. Even if a lot of comments about my transformation pic were from people I don’t consider friends and just wanted info, the so called secret pill for weight loss, I was happy so many people noticed my weight loss. I was happy when this morning in the gym Valeria and Christian joked about the fact that they leave me one second and you see me in heels, that if I go run XXX I won’t come back (but I have to marry a rich man right guys?). But that isn’t all. I like when I try a piece of cloth, alone in my room or in the fitting rooms of a shop and it is too big for me (Even though now my Victoria’s Secret Bra is too big for me). I like when I go running and feel invincible. I like that I can have an ice cream without feeling guilty because I train almost everyday. I like that I can see my muscle growing and I like that I feel stronger.

It all began by a selfie. By sharing, partially, a goal. A dream. By saying: I wanna be there on that day and asking for the right help. By getting as a response, I will help you, but the commitment has to be yours.

I could have eaten way better countless times. I could have skipped the hot chocolate (with soy milk lol) this afternoon. I could have done more than 5 push-ups at the last round today. I could have done things differently. But one thing I am not going to change: the selfie tradition. As long as it keeps me going, there is no way I’m gonna forget to take a selfie.

Have A Safe Journey!


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