Show Me That Healthy Glow: #14 Transformation Pic

That weird yesterday morning, I woke up at 5AM for no specific reason I shared a transformation pic of myself in front of the mirror. The thing was simple: I have this pair of trousers that I bought in November 2015. When I bought them, I bought them one size smaller because I had just started one attempt with a diet (such a bad idea) and I could barely fit into them. They have been my check trousers for when I don’t have a balance ever since. Back to last November, before the hell week, I could fit but not properly, they looked too small for me. Right before the holidays I could fit in easily, after the holidays they were actually pretty small. Yesterday morning they were so huge I had to change outfit because I would lose them.


But apart from my weird ways to see how I am doing with my weight, and the dear true friends who texted me, there has been a weird reaction through my network.

First of all, I received whatsapps from people I haven’t texted with since like 2012  (and not seen since 2010 maybe?) complimenting me and that was completely awkward. But the weird things are not over yet. Most of them asked me whether I was following a specific diet and a specific exercise routine and whether I could give them both.

So, I hereby state once for all I am not following a specific diet. I was eating the vegan nutella Rigoni with a spoon while I answered them, I mean, how can you even ask that kind of questions? Secondly, I do follow a specific exercise routine (kind of I guess) but it’s design specifically for myself by a professional, who got to know me, my body, my current fitness level and the goals I have in mind, apart but also including weight loss.

My point is simple: our society wants us to lose weight but then acts weird if we do lose weight. I mean, that Sunday I told my father I wanted to sign up at the gym, he was all like Oh yes, you definitely should blablabla. A couple of hours ago, when I asked whether he had seen my pic, he was like Sure I did… I have also seen your food pics, are you eating enough? You mentioned you had ankle pain, are you sure you are resting enough? Okay so you can obviously say that since he’s my dad he has every right to worry for his lil daughter, right? And I got it.

But then, literally everyone became concerned. My cousin texted me whether I was eating or whether I was becoming anorexic. My flatmate told me what I wanted to eat because I hadn’t eaten a proper meal in ages. And that, let me underline the concept again while I was going around the house proudly eating half of the vegan nutella directly from the vase with a spoon.

To conclude my evening complain of today’s society (it has become a column of it’s own and Valentina knows it because she gets a spoiler about the article every time) I’d like to express my concern about the paradox of our body oriented society: we want people to achieve the perfect body, but we also want to avoid people trying to have a decent body because that would I don’t know hurt us? That is completely awkward.

I don’t want a perfect body. Okay, maybe I wanted a perfect body before. Now I simply know I want to feel comfortable in my own skin and I’m determined to do every possible thing on the planet in order to achieve it. Are you in for this too?

Have A Safe Journey!

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