Guest post: Not Just An Au Pair: My Experience (in Canada)

*I know what you are thinking. You all hear about my stories days and night, how bored you must be! So today I have something special for you, a guest blogger! Her name is Monica, I don’t know her personally (you’ll soon read why), she loves Canada (sorry, you know my incondicional love for that country, I needed to underline that) and is half Canadian. I believe she a strong, determined, focused woman who will inspire you immensely.  Monica was very kind to me a couple of days ago by writing an amazingly positive feedback of the blog and by chance I ended up asking her whether she has a story to tell. Today she shares her experience with us, show her some love! -C*

Lullaby song as background, through the window the snow softly falling on the ground, a cup of tea..the perfect atmosphere to write something about my new experience.The 1st of December I moved to Canada to work as an au pair, for approximately 7 months. I’m here from 2 months now and it seems to be a very long time.

This was one of my dream since I was a teenager, but I never thought that once in my life I would have the courage to do this.

Au pair in Canada.

To be honest I don’t remember the specific moment in which I made my choice, but I can’t forget the reason: I really needed a change!

Oh you could think “everyone needs a change” or “ everyone feels like NEVER A JOY”, but was something more than these feelings.

I was in a crucial moment of my life: 22 years old, almost graduate as a Dietitian but completely without passion for that job.

Two choices in front of me – LEAVE or STAY – that meant – LIVE or DIE (mentally)…

So here I am, you know what I chose and it was the best decision ever!

Canada was my destination! My dad is Canadian and thanks to him I have the dual citizenship.

“Your are so lucky! Wooow that’s very cool!” people’s reaction when i told them about this.

So guys I couldn’t lose the opportunity to come here!

At the airport, few steps before I would had seen my host family, I stopped. I focused on me. Strong heartbeat. Legs trembling. “Moni you are already out of your comfort zone so let’s make memories and experiences. GO and LIVE!” Nothing will never make me forget that moment.

So here I am! 2 months already, 3 kids to take care of, 1 puppy “Sady”. Actually the most lovely family I could ever imagine.

My daily life with the kids is about 3 magic P and 3 magic F.

Poop, Pee, Puke. Yeah, as au pair have to deal with these everyday, no way.

But there’s the three F.

Fun, Food, Fight (for fun). The best side of being an au pair.

“Miss Monica?? – I’m hungry – I’m thirsty – I pooped, can u change me? – Can you play with me? – How do you say this in Italian?-… they call me Miss Monica, so funny! But so sweet!

I wake up everyday thinking where I am, what I’m doing and why I’m here. It’s kind of Up and Down, some days I fell perfect, some days OMG I’m so emotionally unstable. But you know what? Being alone, far from family and friends, I’ve never feel so much me. I’ve never listen to myself so much.

What am I now? I’m a new big sister, a new friend, a new daughter. And I feel not different, but renew.

Everything, everyday is affecting me so much. This is my experience of NOT JUST an au pair.                                                                                                                      

Be inspired and enjoy your life.

Have A Safe Journey!


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