It’s a Positive Day, Isn’t It?

Highlights vs Lowests of the day:

H – Getting all the macros, thanks to my flatmate who made sure I got enough proteins #GimmeAllTheProtein.

L – Having stress related hunger all afternoon.

H – Being the only undergraduate at the diplomatic training.

L – Being so stressed out about it that I barely could study this afternoon (which means we do have a long night).

H – having no muscle pain even without that beloved protein powder (okay, one spoon in the oatmeal in the morning) from @motionnutrition.

L – Deciding to skip one gym session today because I was mentally tired (even if yesterday I promised my PT I would show up more often – like seriously? I’m always there).

H – Surviving headache without any meds but oranges.

L – Having studied even less due to headache.

L – Being worried and anxious about everything that is going on.

H – Having people I trust with whom I can share my problems/thoughts/feelings.

Life is a shake of ups and downs. At the end of the day, we have to weigh them, take all of them into consideration. Deciding whether the good ones were more important, worth the bad ones or not. If they are, it was a good day. Maybe not the best, maybe it could have been better, but it was a good day.

Was my day a good day? Let me reconsider my highlights please…

H – I am healthy.

H – I have a family who loves me inconditionally.

H – I have friends.

H – I have the PRIVILEGE to study.

H – I have support.

H – I have powerful legs that can make me run. Maybe not fast, maybe not far, maybe not today. But still they can.

H – I have a shelter.

H – I live in a country in peace.

H – I can write my own thoughts without risking my life.

H – I am free. Unbounded, unconditionally, wild, tireless.

Was today this bad? It could have been better, but my highlights are more important than my lows, at least to me.

Try doing it every day. I bet if you do it for let say, one month, the positive days will be more than the negatives. Shall we bet a PIZZA on it?
Have A Safe Journey!


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