#LondonDiary (2017): 6

Good morning! The weather isn’t really nice in London today (read yesterday), but still, a bad day in the city is better than a good day everywhere else. I woke up early and relaxed and ready to go have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.


Then, look what a good day it has been so far:


I then went to the Whole Foods Market and waited for Martina and we had lunch there together, because, you know, noodles.


Then, she took me to a new place in London: Holland Park, I had never been there and I truly liked it. Particularly the Kyoto Garden, even though we went through all the park to find it because the signs were wrong.


Then, walking around the city, it felt like day dreaming… We walked and talked and talked for hours, then we did some shopping cause I had a last minute invitation to dinner and I didn’t know what I was supposed to wear and anyway, even if I had any idea everything was at home (thanks God for H&M and their 19.99£ black dress who, with a leggings, saved my life lol.


Then, running with NRC felt amazing (all online tomorrow, just like summer 2015, even though I was so in a rush and I couldn’t stay at the end. Finally that invitation for dinner. It went amazingly! And this little surprise was waiting for me back at the hotel…


How was your day?
Have A Safe Journey!

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