The List: January – Check

On January 4th I wrote a blogpost about my goals for the month. Since today it is the latest day of the month, I guess I need to check them.

  1. To pass statistics exam — done!
  2. To go to London and attend the CGD event — done!
  3. To hug again my Londoner family — done!
  4. To run 3 times per week at least 5k — not so done. I ran, I think about two/three times and sometimes I did more than 5, sometimes interval. Well, pretty weird…
  5. To eat healthy 6 days a week, better seven, but since I’m just re jumping in I guess I can take it a little easier — not so done. Ate healthy, but also ate crap. I guess for February I need to be more careful with this.
  6. To go skiing, at least once, better twice, in cool places — not done at all. Incredible, I haven’t been skiing yet. I cannot believe it! I love skiing but not when there is no snow and the slopes are crowded.
  7. To spend less money on eating outside at lunch when in uni, and bring my own food — does London count? Because if so, not done at all, while at home I managed to do a pretty good job.
  8. To clean my closet at home — done! And so did someone else.
  9. To read at least one book — not so done! I literally had no time. I read one chapter, and I truly mean one chapter on the plane and then university books, but do they even count?
  10. To do 100″ plank — amazingly done!
  11. To do 15 push-ups straight — done!
  12. To run 1k super fast, under 5′ — done!
  13. To stop calling people that don’t deserve my calls — done!
  14. To finish the month with more money on my bank account — not at all done! It was all nice till London came in…

So 8(9) out of 14. It’s a good start, but I definitely need to improve. Now, onto the next month.



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