#LondonDiary (2017): 3


Good morning, who likes to do a breakfast run every morning? This girl! Soy cappuccino and vegan blueberry banana breakfast to kick off the day in the right way.


I studied basically the entire morning and then had again one noodles bowl (yeah, I know, I eat the same things all the time but this was truly delicious, so what should I do?).


Climbed on top of the Shard just to see this stunning sunset over London. So in love with this city.


Truly touristic pic from the bridge featuring the Big Ben, the House of Parliament (can that be my future working location? LOL), the London Eye, taken just in front of the MI6 Building (can that be my working place too?).


On Sunday it’s the Chinese New Year. And what for a better place to be if not in London? Chinatown was already shining yesterday and Martina and I can’t wait to party here!


Dinner at Steak & Co (Leicester Square).


Once I went back to the accommodation, I stayed a while in the hall cause I needed the wifi and this guy, Simon (from Sydney) sat next to me asked whether he could check his emails on my computer, and for how I hate people using my computer, I couldn’t help but say yes. So we started to talk and talk and then we took a walk around and well… let’s just say, eat pray love!

Have A Safe Journey!


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    1. Camilla says:

      Grazie per il repost!


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