#LondonDiary (2017): 2

Hello hello, day 2 and rocking it! Had had a terrible night of sleep (again) so I spent it with my updated Back to London Starter Pack, aka 2048 and some books about the city. However, at about 8 I decided to leave the room for good and went for breakfast. As usual, I have chosen something whole… a Nakd bar, just a quick snack before running to the actual breakfast, which was again whole at the Whole Foods Market in Kensington… an amazing acai berry bowl with PB, cocoa nibs, raw granola and banana, a juice and a soy cappuccino.


Then, ended up studying basically the entire morning, not exactly what I was planning, but still what has to be done has to be done. Ate again the whole foods market (I was around the area, cause Kensington is my favorite district in London) a rice noodles bowl with veggies, chicken and ginger teriyaki sauce.


(That book Eat Pray Love is perfection).

I went to the Saatchi Gallery in the early afternoon, after Bea suggested that to me and I actually like the contemporary art, but no the paintings that looked like the ones made by savages. Overall, I guess it’s worth a visit.


And what happens when a friend ditches last minute and you don’t know what to do in London? You check fo a fitness class of course, a free one! I went to the Reebook Fithub in Covent Garden and did an amazing crossfit session (with then boxing and yoga). Sorry, in the pic my arms look bigger than what they already are. After the session, I stopped by at Itsu to grab dinner, but since they only did take away and it was freezing, I didn’t take a pic.


My day was pretty average, but I really love to be back in London. How was your day?


Have A Safe Journey!


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    1. Camilla says:

      Sono lieta che ti piacciano i miei articoli.


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