Show Me That Healthy Glow: #13 NRC London

Finally I went back to London, after 15 months. Like, unbelievable. More than one year without going to one of my favourite places of the world. Obviously, since I was no longer a proper Londoner, 24 hours have given me the opportunity to loose myself in any possible way, from the tube to the night walk alone in the middle of nowhere.

However, coming back to London means also running with NRC which is basically the reason why I come every time. Two summers ago, I had the chance to run with them and they became like a family to me and every time their energy is incredible. As you know, I was struggling with running (my body is probably in the best training condition it has ever been in the latest years, but still there was not enough motivation to go out and run). What happens therefore? Well, NRC.

After one incredibly long day (2 hours of sleep, 2 breakfasts, 2 hours plane, 30K around London) I went to the Battersea park for the track session with the crew. They said it was going to be 20 reps of 200m with 45 seconds rest between each interval and 200m walk/jog every 5 reps. I was actually pretty fine when they announced that. They said it was going to be brutal and I decided to give it a chance. I picked up the pace and together with Martina we warmed up. I felt strong and energetic, unbelievable. So we set up the first lap. I was feeling amazing. I literally kept up with the strongest ones of my group and I was never in the back but always in the front. I even won a rep.

I mean, can’t you see my excitement in every single shot?

But we also had another chance to run with the crew. On Monday martina and I had been walking for hours, about 27K before catching up with this guys. We wanted to do the shortest run possible and I was very busy, I had to be at some friends’ home at 8:30pm. But they wanted us to run for one hour, like seriously??? yes. But we did it!

It was a nice sexy pace along Regent’s Park and I felt so amazing that I wasn’t even struggling to run.

Actually, we didn’t make it to one hour because the time was passing too fast, but a nice 44 minutes run did the work for us.

Now I’m back home. I ran only once on the treadmill and I was feeling okay. Tomorrow I’m heading out for the first time, wish me luck! ❤

Ps. What do you do not to annoy yourself when running alone?

Have A Safe Journey!


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