Sunday Talk: The Life-changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck

This is the title of a book I’m currently reading and this is actually what is going on in my life. Basically, I returned home even if I didn’t want it. And things turned out pretty badly. Dad’s girlfriend had the brilliant (YES, I’M DAMN IRONIC) idea to clean up my closet (WHICH I HAD ALREADY DONE BEFORE). First of all, I was damn annoyed about the fact she put her hands into my closet cause everyone has their skeleton in a closet, and honestly I have my stuff and since I don’t put my hands in her closet I don’t see why she should do with mine. Then, she took my hangers and put my stuff as she wanted and I’m like WHAT THE HELL IS F*CKING WRONG WITH YOU? Then, because this horror story is not done yet, SHE PUT HER DAUGHTER’S STUFF IN MY CLOSET! How did she dare? Plus, she also threw away my toothbrush, which is pretty rude.

And alright, I kept my mouth shut all this time because okay, I wanted dad to be happy, I learned not to give a f*ck about most of the mind games she played with me, but now I’m terribly hungry. First, when I got 30 e lode at my exam she told me 25 was enough. Then this. Honestly, I’m sorry to say but F*CK HERSELF. This is not how you do it. You can’t expect me to collaborate when she’s the first one to put fire in our house war. And the thing was my dad didn’t say basically nothing, LIKE LITERALLY DAD?

You wanna know what? I’m gonna stay home as little as needed and travel back to Trento as soon as I can because I’m very tired of all this. There is no way she’s gonna hurt me again. THIS IS THE LIFE-CHANGING MAGIC OF NOT GIVING A SINGLE F*CK. Do not ask for my consideration, never again, because you don’t deserve it.




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