Let’s Talk About: The DO-NOTHING Day

On Monday I had an exam. It went pretty well, but also it meant spending the holidays pretty stressed out, not only for family matters, but also for this. It meant not getting a proper break nor having my mind free of everything. So, after the exam I decided it was better to take one full day without studying.

On Tuesday, I woke up late and had oatmeal for breakfast, which is my absolute favorite breakfast in winter. I went to the city center to see the guy I’m dating and we took a drink together. Then I met Chiara at the gym and we did a class that was supposed to be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy but the instructor was ill so the substitute kinda destroyed us but it was all worth it. Then I did a couple of KM on the treadmill and, even though my intention was to run, I felt really tired, my back hurt and I guess Monday morning double training wasn’t a great idea after all, so I just walked and stretched.

I went home, had lunch (that at about 3 pm but whatever) and showered. Then I spent the entire afternoon watching the Reign. In bed. Under the covers. (YES, so granny). Then had dinner, put on compression socks and read a book I really like.

Was the day worth it? Well, if we consider the hell week philosophy, that was a complete waste of time. If we consider the fact I have another exam in 1 month, it was again a complete waste of time. If we consider the fact we might need to take a break, every now and then, we might need to rest, relax, take out time, sleep in, take off the guard, simply do nothing but lay in bed with deep thoughts, then, just in in this case, the day was so worth it.

Do I regret it? Nope. Yeah, I could have finished sociology as I had in mind, but for what? Would one day really had benefitted so bad my study? I don’t think so. And I guess I will start with a fresher mind tomorrow, when I will be back to full regimen.

Do you take a DO-NOTHING day every now and then? Do you benefit from it? How regularly you take a DO-NOTHING Day?

Have  A Safe Journey!



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