Show Me That Healthy Glow: #11 How Getting Fit Affects Your Social Life

I have never said I’m on a diet for the past 2 years. Because truly, every time I began something, I didn’t like to say it was a diet. Diet means I temporary. It means you do it to fit in a dress, for your wedding day or something like that, not that you actually change your lifestyle. And my intentions, even though most of my resolutions failed, were to change my lifestyle.

I tend to be humorist about my fitness resolutions. Yes, I use the hashtag #NoPainNoGain #ShowMeThatHealthyGlow #WorkHard or whatever, but still, I’m not a pro, nor I have any interest to become one. I mean, you should see my face every time my PT shows me a new exercise and it looks so damn easy when he does it and then I do it, and I end up half dead on the floor not even knowing how I managed to fall (by doing a squat for example).

Anyway, a couple of days ago I posted a pic on Facebook saying “Diet was waiting for me” and it seemed the world I knew changed. Because if you are working out and then going at every aperitivo as if there was no tomorrow, everything is okay. If you workout and eat healthy people start freaking out.

Let me start from the very beginning… So, I came back to Trento on Thursday morning last week, just before lunch. I ate some courgetti with tomato sauce and then headed to the gym to renew my card. In the evening, I went to a jumping boxe course (yeah, it was a mad thing to do but I loved it and I’m gonna do it again this week) and then I returned home and ate one aubergine with tomato sauce again. So, my flatmate started asking why I was avoiding carbs, or proteins, or fats. I simply said I had too much food during the holidays and I wanted to detox a little.

The morning after I had oatmeal for breakfast and then I went to the gym the first time before lunch, then had one aubergine and then again for a PT-sesh. The fact that for the first time my PT didn’t tell me Hey you look skinnier/more toned/fitter should be enough to make you understand my current situation. So he trained me, I thought I was about to die thanks to the flowbag, and then came home and had zucchini with chicken.

The day after the thing was basically the same. I went to the gym, Christ told me Hard to die! In my next life I want to be tireless, unbreakable, unstoppable just like you, cause he had trained me pretty hard the day before and I was in the gym before 11am the day after and already hitting the treadmill. So I did my 8K, then went home and hate I think it was aubergines again, but still my kitchen was empty, except for courgette and aubergines, and I was in that quick period of my life in which I don’t want any kind of carb around so no worries. Then, some friends and I went out for dinner and, obviously, being all Italian, the choice was pizza. So, at first I meditated a little, whether I should get a pizza or a soup, but then they were like we would document that choice on Facebook, Instagram or whatever if you dare to order a soup. I checked immediately my applewatch which reported more than 900kcal burned, and I know that a pizza has about 700kcal, so I said okay (yeah, I found a new website with every possible calories and the normal portion because, I mean, who would weight a pizza in the middle of the restaurant?) I’ll go for pizza.

I have no regrets about that choice, and today I went back to chicken and zucchini for lunch and one aubergine with one spoon tomato sauce for dinner. But, while my flatmate began telling me you’re not eating anything, I started to wonder why our society is so bad. Have you noticed that every girl is supposed to be skinny/fit and eat as if there was no tomorrow? I mean, there is no longer the idea girls shouldn’t have carbs, which obviously I appreciate, but as soon as you tell people that you’d like to eat healthy, they start to offer you junk food. And it’s not that everyday could be a cheat day!

So, yeah, appearance is all. I guess I should start posting pics of food I don’t eat so that people don’t complain and don’t ask question about the lifestyle/diet I am following. Why every time someone lose or at least try to lose weight there has to be someone telling them you won’t succeed, why don’t you get french fries? When is your next cheat day? Oh, you don’t do cheat days… Ah, so one aubergine is your dinner, it’s not healthy… You should rest, you can’t burn 900kcal in the gym everyday. Let me tell you this once: THIS IS MY LIFE. YOU LIVE YOURS, I LIVE MINE. I MIGHT BE WRONG, YOU MIGHT BE WRONG, THE POINT IS, WE ARE HUMANS, GIFTED OF FREE WILL. LET’S USE IT PEOPLE, IT’S FREE. JUST LIKE MINDING OUR OWN BUSINESS.

Sorry for the tone of today, I’m a bit stressed out, but still you got my point. No #goodvibes only, but at least I was honest.

Have A Safe Journey!



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