I do not consider myself an anxious person, I tend to handle pretty well the situations in which I am constantly under pressure. I like my life to be full of things to do and goals, therefore I can actually say I’m pretty used to being under pressure. However, it happens that anxiety kicks in, every now and then. How do we deal with it?

I spent about 7 years of my life at eating when I was nervous. It was the poorest decision I’ve ever made, not only because it made me gain weight incredibly fast, but also because I felt even worse after it. Finally, somehow I figured out I just need to take half a hour of one hour to deal with it and go exercising.

This could actually explain the reason I went to the gym on Saturday morning after doing double sesh the day before. And this could explain the fact that even if Sunday was meant to be a rest day (rest Camilla, c’mon we have already talked about it) I just wanted to shake off my nerves (which I’m gonna do with a power walk lol).

So, this is how I deal with anxiety… and you? How do you deal with it?

Have A Safe Journey!



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