My Life in 2 Suitcases

*Oh, I forgot to say, by the time you read this post, I’ll already be in Trento*

One of my new year’s resolutions was to learn how to pack light. Not only because if you travel by plane they charge you so bad for every extra pound, but also because it’s weird to always carry around luggages bigger than myself.

Therefore, when the first packing occasion came in hand, I was determined to do one thing only: to pack half of my wardrobe, so that when I come home I can travel without a luggage. I managed to make it I guess, of course I took with me like 90% of the stuff I actually wear and left there only 10% with 100% of the stuff I haven’t worn in months. But still, I am okay with it.

Back 2 Trento 1.JPG

The thing is this: no matter how hard I tried, my life simply cannot fit in one suitcase only. It fits in 2 suitcases (preferably matching), one huge Nike gym bag, one Nike backpack, one Longchamp and one Hermes backpack. I guess this is the minimum standard for moving out. Will I need all the stuff I brought? Probably.


After many years of dragging my stuff in airports all over the world, afraid my luggage will be too heavy, I decided that at least at home (or homes now) I want to be comfortable, to take as much stuff as I want to. There are some things, not necessarily needed, that make me feel comfy, relaxed, at ease.

Mum’s favorite plaid, which I suppose I should start calling it my favourite plaid, this Hermes backpack which is too small for anything, but still is my favourite bag, NYC marathon tee, my favorite sweatshirt. It’s stuff I basically never wear, but since I feel okay wearing it, I should take it, right?

My life is too messy, too complicated to fit in one luggage only, I shouldn’t be surprised. However, I’m trying to learn to let it go, to take really what makes me feel good, and leave the bad at home. Maybe I will never wear the earrings she got me because I don’t like her, therefore why taking them? And how about that pic of all of us? Yeah, I know it’s not perfect and I look like a psycho but still it’s us, so I’m taking it.

Out of the old, and into the new. Now time to spend some last quality time with my family and friends before going from home to home.

Have A Safe Journey 2 Trento!

Ps. She doesn’t want to let me go!

Back 2 Trento 2.JPG


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