Show Me That Healthy Glow: #10 Okay, I Rest

Okay, I admit it. YOU ALL WERE RIGHT. Training 7 days a week every single week is bad, I need to rest at least once every two weeks. Or maybe once a week, I still need to figure that out. Maybe I will do one day of yoga only every week, and one day of full rest every month, which does not simply include not to exercise, but also not to study, not to work, no Instagram, no Facebook.

Yes, I said I was going to workout everyday this month, but since I have already missed 2 days in 2 weeks, I experienced the pleasure of taking a day off. My body needs it. I feel like I needed. Plus, since soon I’m going back to Trento, I cannot expect to keep on going to the gym whenever I want because I have the keys and also wearing my PJs when it’s too early in the morning, cause I mean, how could I show up in PJs with people around?

Also, I have to say that the gym in Trento is closed on Sunday… and that I have a full month of studying ahead. The bright side is I got the first result of the exam, which was taken during a period of my life when everyone was telling me I wasn’t putting enough effort on the studying and too much on exercising… Guess what, I got 30/30 with honors, so it literally couldn’t have been better and therefore I have to say no matter what you all think about my daily routine, but exercise does wonders to me, doesn’t it?

Plus, I had to do it. I jumped on  the scale. I had to, I didn’t want to but it was necessary to understand how bad the situation went during the holidays. Okay, it was really bad. Like really I had to look away. But still, I manage to fit every clothes I hadn’t for years and I still get compliments such as  you lost so much weight dear!. Yeah, I am not perfect and still I am not where I want to be, but this is enough motivation to reduce my calories intake and the consumption of certain foods (eats a cookie meanwhile) as well as to exercise more. I’m gonna meet my PT later on this week and I’ll probably skip the question Your weight?, but still I’m focused on the bigger goal.

Have A Safe Journey!

gym with uncle.JPG

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