Show Me That Healthy Glow: #9 Update and Ready to Be Back On Track

Have you missed this column as much as I did? Well, it’s now back with a little more than a weekly update, since it’s about two weeks since the last time you read about my training.

So, eventually I had to stop the streak. I didn’t want to, but I got really sick at Xmas day and stopped the 25th and the 26th and then the 4th of January I took a day off, since I worked out enough emotionally. Anyway, what happened in the past weeks?


Food 4.JPGFood 5.JPG


I have tried to be on a diet even during the holiday but I gave up (a lot). Still, I managed to keep some good habits, such as eating more veggies at every meal, but that hasn’t stopped me from eating also carbs (Pasta never felt so good) and desserts (have you said struffoli?) and a little alcohol. So I am a little worried about the thought of jumping on the scale, which I have avoided for now and I will until I’m gonna stop feeling bloated, which is going to happen when I’m gonna stop eating this bad, which is gonna happen when I’m gonna leave this place, which is gonna be around the 12th.


Gym 1.JPG

Gym went so well after all. I feel strong, I can finish every rep with effort but without dying and today I managed to do the program which took me at least 1 hour at first, in 28 minutes, isn’t it great? I can use TRX, my abs burn like hell but I’m strong enough to make it to the end. And it seems I have also learned the flying side bend properly (or at least, I think so but when I meet Chris in mid Jan I’m gonna check if it’s true). I think I gave my best in the gym and results are really starting to show off.



What can I say about it? Running has been my hated-loved passion for the past 8 and half years (omg, it feels like yesterday when I hit the trails for the first time) and I know when I don’t feel like running or feel like I hate running I need to give time to my body. Since coming back home, running has felt painful and unnecessary, after all I can do cardio in other ways, can’t I? So, for about one week during Xmas I avoided it. Really… Elisa and Maria, my running mates were both on holidays so we couldn’t catch up. But on the first day of the new year, I set up a run. I did run 5k fast (for me) and, even though I felt so damn cold and a little tired, it was okay. Last Tuesday the run was damn great (my purpose, as I said was to run at least 5k 3 times per week) and so was yesterday because I decided to run indoor, since there is cold and wind and I have no meanings to get sick again. Plus, running on the treadmill allows you to watch Netflix meanwhile, which makes time pass faster, but also if you go really fast, you have less time to watch Netflix.

Overall I’m eager to go back to Trento and start a couple of weeks of detox (no carbs, dairy, sugar, alcohol, still making up my mind about meat) and restart training at the gym there, cause I am better followed and I really enjoyed the variety of courses. However, after all I’m pretty proud of how things went. I just need some time to get back on track and I’m gonna crush every resolution I set up for the years.

How were your holidays? Did you exaggerate or did you manage to mantain a relatively healthy lifestyle?

Have A Safe Journey!



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