The List: January

One of the many lessons I learned through hell week was to start planning wisely. Not simply yearly, or daily, but also weekly and monthly. So, since for now my agenda remains a private matter, I do feel like sharing some monthly goal that were a little too little to enter the official 2017 bucket list.

  1. To pass statistics exam.
  2. To go to London and attend the CGD event.
  3. To hug again my Londoner family.
  4. To run 3 times per week at least 5k.
  5. To eat healthy 6 days a week, better seven, but since I’m just re jumping in I guess I can take it a little easier.
  6. To go skiing, at least once, better twice, in cool places.
  7. To spend less money on eating outside at lunch when in uni, and bring my own food.
  8. To clean my closet at home.
  9. To read at least one book.
  10. To do 100″ plank.
  11. To do 15 push-ups straight.
  12. To run 1k super fast, under 5′.
  13. To stop calling people that don’t deserve my calls.
  14. To finish the month with more money on my bank account.

This is it.. little but tough, those are my monthly goals… what are yours?

*Please consider the importance of establishing steps through the bigger goals, make sure you have not only the main road planned, but also every possible outcome. If you need to kickoff you year, I would advise to do a Hell Week ASAP, but before be sure you can train with a physician.IMG_0848.JPG

Have A Safe Journey!


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