2017: The Ultimate Bucket List

So, here we are another year, another journey, another opportunity. As usual, this post comes 24 hours later than planned due to a family matter. However, here I am, sharing part of my bucket list for 2017 because, since I try to be 100% honest on my website, I also need to be honest when it comes to not say things that I know are dreams or maybe faraway goals that I do not yet feel comfortable to share.

  1. Do all the exams for the year.
  2. Apply for the Erasmus.
  3. Improve Spanish (C1).
  4. Improve German (C1).
  5. Improve English (C2).
  6. Learn a new language.
  7. Travel to Greece.
  8. Travel to Portugal.
  9. Travel to Scotland.
  10. Travel to Scandinavia.
  11. Visit Vienna.
  12. Apply and be accepted at the MEU Vienna.
  13. Go back to Canada.
  14. Figure out a work/study holiday for the summer.
  15. Get a job.
  16. Keep hitting the gym +5 times x week.
  17. Run 3 times per week.
  18. Eat healthy 7 days a week with 1 cheat meal per week only.
  19. Go on a trip at least once a month.
  20. Run a Trento Half Marathon next October.
  21. Run a marathon.
  22. Stop spending time with people who don’t deserve it.
  23. Love, fiercely, deeply, sincerely.
  24. Be a good friend, be there when people need you. No distance can stop true will to help, to stand by people, to support.
  25. Stop spending money on things you do not need, invest them in things that make you happy.
  26. Do a sommelier course.
  27. Learn to rest, to calm down and to take your time.
  28. Watch less Netflix.

What is your 2017 resolution?


Have A Safe Journey!



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