2016: Highlights

Oh, 2016, what a year have you been. Despite all the moments I literally hated you (and trust me when I say I did it sometimes) there have been a lot of highlights worth sharing.

Publishing a Book

How could I ever forget that on 2nd of March 2016 my book finally came out? Because, it did right? It has always been a dream of mine to publish a book, a dream that finally became true when I had the courage to try. It would have never been possible without the supports of my friends, who always told me it was worth a trial, no matter if it seemed stupid to me, and my family.

Meeting my favourite blogger: Annemerel!

This might sound stupid but when you read someone’s blog for like 2 years you end up being sure you know them, even though you don’t actually know them. That’s why meeting Annemerel, the first blogger I’ve ever followed, made everything clear.
Finishing HighSchool with top score

It has always been a dream to end high school with 100, but I had never really put my hopes high because I knew they don’t give it like a gift, so when it happened, I think it was one of the most invaluable moments of life.

Travelling ~ Experiencing

Not as much as I wanted, but I managed to squeeze in a few trips this year. Greatly dear to my heart are the one to the five lands, my very first time alone in a 5 stars hotel, and the one to Corse du Sud, which made me understand friends will be friends no matter what.

Starting university

This is a shared dream with mum and dad who have always supported me and wanted me to do so. I started studying international studies at the University of Trento, Italy, and ever since my life has changed in so many ways. I moved out, I started a new path, I became an aware citizen and everything literally changed. Friends, priorities, time schedule. My life is so much better now. 

Facing a fear

I have had a few problems with glaciers in my life and I never really wanted to conquer them until my friends decided to go on a day trip to a glacier near here which would lead me to actually face them and conquer them, because, why not?

Going to the X Factor Final

This year I have been bad (aka I don’t have a TV in Trento so I didn’t watch X-Factor lol) but still I really wanted to go to the final because I have a crush on Fedez and I wanted to see him. We got the ticket for free and I was just behind my favourite judge!

Sticking to a fitness resolution

Better late than never right? Started in November when I made myself clear about what I wanted to do and why and ever since it has been great. Now bring it on 2017!

What are your 2016 highlights?

Have A Safe Journey!



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