Let’s Talk About: Being Sick During the Holidays

On Christmas day I woke up at my cousin’s with headache and cough. I thought it was normal, because the night before we had a few issues with the rest of the family and so we kinda drank a little too much, and I was wearing a shirt in the damn cold winter weather so… I just needed a hot shower, a scrub and I would have been ready for the day to come. Or so I hoped.

By the time my relatives came, I felt really sick. So sick I couldn’t even stand my outfit (which was STUNNING and everyone instead of saying merry xmas was like omg, darling, you lost so much weight!), and I had to change for something more I’m about to be in bed with fever, something that happened at about 3pm.

So, basically I ended up in bed for 48 hours with almost no food (2 glasses of orange juice, 1 piece of salmon, 1 cup of tea with 6 biscuits) which allowed me to detox from all the Xmas food and rest a little – every friend of mine who knows my life was joking about the fact I slept more in the last 2 days than what I did during the year.

However, it wasn’t that bad. I mean, I hated fever and everything, but at least I jumped Xmas dinner, boxing day lunch and boxing day dinner, but I still got all the present – how luckier can it get, I mean?

The only bad thing? (YES, do not consider all the fever and the cough and the vomit and everything, because that is detox, isn’t it?) So, was I was saying, there is a negative side… which is, I was on a 35-days gym/running streak with no intentions to stop but I had to, which mean even if I’m gonna workout again tomorrow (I’m still a bit sick today) I might have lost a lot of strength and I’m gonna be restarting from day one. Plus, I guess it’s gonna be tough to do all this reverse TRX crunches after flu.



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