Show Me That Healthy Glow:#8

[31 Days] I don’t need to check my phone to see whether it’s the 30th or the 31st day because I know it. I remember it by heart and I don’t need to double check. One month, exactly one month ago, I told myself, no matter what I would finish the hell week. And after that, working out everyday made me feel so powerful that I thought I should have definitely kept that habit. And now, even more than the 30 days resolution, working out daily has literally become an habit for me.

So, harmed with the success of the just finished exam (it’s a success because it was the first and I do not let myself be judged by a grade) I went to the gym in Trento, aka my happy place. So, I came in full of energy and adrenaline.

This is the before pic because the after pic would have been a sensible content lol.

You look skinnier every time I see you, Chris told me (and YES, THAT’S A HELL DAMN GOOD WELCOME – because I had been eating junk for ages and that sentence made me so happy + the exam was finally over that I had this great dessert once at home).

Chocolaté Souffle with ice cream, caramel sauce and pistachios. More at

I changed and went to the gym, we were supposed to change my program. How are you doing? And I felt like I was doing great. So, do you have enough energy? Cause you’re gonna remember today. And hell I did it.

So, I started and everything was fine. A few moves to warm up (the old dear warm up I was able to do) and then we started. Oh, by the way, I was so bad at doing a move that at a certain point I just had to lay down still and focus on keeping the isometry, while Chris moved me (the move was the scorpion). So while I was doing moves I never even thought possible (who knew you could do so many things with the TRX), Chris told me that was just the warming up and I was like Have you really thought about me when you created my program? Like this Camilla, not some kind of true athlete.

So the real problem came later on with the TRX when I literally couldn’t finish the reps (plus, do you all know the dorsal muscle? Because I guess mine has a serious problem lol). Chris told me what is wrong, you have already done them once. And I was like Me? This? Because I couldn’t imagine a way less fitter me doing them. But since he said so, I had to prove myself wrong. 12×3. Damn crazy. Then I ran (and that always feels nice at 200m above the sea level when you have run at 1000m for 2 weeks).

In the car, about one hour later, while the adrenaline was leaving my body and I relaxed with some good music (because I wasn’t driving – dad was) everything made sense.  I felt like I did something good yesterday, like I was finally finding my way, at uni, in the gym, in life. I was happy. Pristine joy.

And even though I had just done an exam and one of the toughest gym sesh ever and soon the dialogue with dad was about some serious matters, I felt amazingly grateful and blessed. And I guess you can see it from the pics.

Thanks to all who made this great day possible. A, I really wanted to see you. Catch up in Jan ❤

Have A Safe Journey!

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