Show Me That Healthy Glow: #6 TIRELESS

I don’t remember when, probably at the end of the hell week or somewhere around that moment, someone called me the tireless Camilla.

For the past 21 days (it will be more by the time you read that), I forced myself to train everyday, at least one hour per day. The goal is that by the end of the day, my AppleWatch has recorded at least 60 minutes workout, better if more. I didn’t expect to become so addicted to this routine. The night before I schedule clearly (hell week habit kept √) when I workout the day after, which workout I’m gonna do, with whom and when. And yes, I know most of the people do that, but still it’s a great thing for me and it brought some good results as well.

For instance, two weeks ago when I came home to vote everyone told me I lost weight, even my father, who kinda never told me so (did I mention the fact that when his 17 years old daughter came home from Canada the first words he told her were I guess you put on weight?). But, apart from this parenthesis, he’s always been a great supporter of my fitness resolutions. Then, even my trainer told me I lost weight and Jessica, my former PT now big sista (yes, you already know  I have 2 PTs, one who actually trains me and one with whom I go get sushi every now and then lol) told me I looked good.

But then, I went running last Sunday and it was awful. Then I did a quick run on Thursday and it wasn’t that bad, but not cool either. Not to talk about this morning (Saturday) run, if we can call it a run. I should have done a basic pyramid interval, just like I did a lot of times. But I couldn’t even finish the first split that I felt unmotivated and I knew I would injury myself. So I did some intervals, about 4K doing 200m superfast, then 200m sexy pace, then 200m fast and hill, then 200m rest. It was okay, I mean, it could have been worse, but I really felt unmotivated, like running isn’t what I like anymore.

I might need more strength training, or maybe I just need to get used to running here, in the mountains, on hills and (unfortunately) on the treadmill when it’s icy. I might need to figure out what I’m gonna do. Also because I entered the gym in Trento and began to train because I had a goal in my mind, a goal that is huge, but after those amazing 10K at the end of the hell week it seemed pretty reachable and nice to get there, but then it became incredibly tough to keep usual pace, which isn’t that usual at the moment.

And while I know i’m getting stronger — Yesterday I did FULL PUSH-UPS, no knee, 3X10 for the first time and Virgy can confirm that, plus I now use 20kg kettlebell for deadlifts and well, if you consider I started with 8kg it’s a pretty good success for now lol — I am also feeling tired, sometimes. After all, that long chat about the importance of resting wasn’t so false.

I look like I know what I’m doing right? (JJ has already told me the right foot is not in the right position btw) – Photo by Virgy Lenzi

The problem is now this: I’m currently living at the family home, where my eating habits cannot be followed so strictly (I was eating chicken + veggies + hard boiled eggs + quinoa and little more in my healthy days in Trento), so at first I thought that committing one hour per day was the best thing I could do, but now I’m not so sure. Shall I tirelessly thrive to be a better runner and in a better shape in general or just take one day off per week?

What will I do? Will I keep running? Who knows. Running has helped me way more than any other activity during my ups and downs of the past 8 years (I feel so old now that I think that I have been running yes and no for 8 years). And I know it still does great when I’m feeling bad, I’m not sure about the benefits of when I’m feeling good. I might need another rainy day to go out and really feel the pleasure of being challenged to run faster, farther, better, stronger.

I might tell you what I know now. I know I’m going to do a couple of workouts in the pool since I have one at home and it helped me back in summer. I’m also going to go running with Elisa, a friend of mine with whom I’ve run even when I was completely out of shape and therefore knows how slow I can be when unmotivated. I will try. Try to find a balance between training for good, and training bad, overtraining and so on.

Life is about experience and making mistakes, before finding the right way (if there is a right way), so I am going to keep that big goal with no name with which I walked in the gym the first day, and along the way decide whether it really is the goal I want to reach, or whether it’s just a motivation until I find a more suitable one.

Have A Safe Journey (and train safe!)


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