Show Me That Healthy Glow: #5 Can You Stop Me? MAYBE

So, Monday I came back to Trento and hit the gym straight after putting down my bags. Because there was no reason to wait. I had a PT session waiting for me and a lot of calories to burn.

It has been one of those great days. One of those days when your PT says you’re doing great and you’ve already lost weight, you doubled your planking time and for how bad you complain about the exercises you actually can do a pretty good job, even with push ups.

Anyway, I had this great momentum going. There was absolutely nothing that could possibly stop me. I was truly happy, you could only see pristine joy on my face. I hadn’t been this happy in ages. Then, while going out, I exchanged a few words with him.

I didn’t know him. For what I had seen, he could have been a pro PT or a simple receptionist, I didn’t even say more than hi to him. So he asked me about the *big goal with no name* and I answered. He told me he could take some measurements for me, like fat percentage, muscles percentage and so on. I was like: okay, we could do that eventually.

Then he said something about my weight. The fact that it’s too much. That I’m too heavy and I cannot manage to reach the goal without losing so much weight. OKAY, I’M AWARE ABOUT THE FACT I HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT, I’m completely aware of it so there is no need to tell me the already known sentence: How did he dare? You look amazing just like you are, darling. The fact is this: I’m a woman, completely, immensely damaged by every kind of comment about her weight.

For this reason, you should all hear how Chris moderates the words when he talks about loosing weight, he just says I have to lean up, then to tone up, there are those great middle words, neutral words in our beautiful languages, so why not use them?

However, for how hateful it was to hear, the day after this person was pretty nice. I was still ready to tell him something like Since I don’t pay you, I don’t see why you should have an opinion, but I kept my mouth shut and directed the bad energy into punching harder at fit boxe lol.

And now, I only hope to not go to Trento fatter just because I’m staying at home, basically surrounded by food, otherwise, I wouldn’t imagine the comment he would do, and I guess even Chris would use a couple of less neutral words. Wish me luck!

Have A Safe Journey!



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