Monday Blues: The Crown, Gilmore Girls & CO

After the hell week, aka the netflix free week, I really needed a day to binge on Netflix. So I finished The Crown, watched the Gilmore Girls revival and checked out if I could find other amazing movies or TV series to watch while I was meant to study (or to train).

So basically here’s a quick list of reasons why you should see The Crown:

  • The historic part will make you feel less guilt for your current lack of productivity.
  • We are talking about the Queen, I mean, how can you possibly not be interested in her story?
  • Can we talk about the british accent? Come on I think I’m never gonna watch an American movie/tv show again.
  • And the forbidden love story?

For Gilmore Girls everything I might say is going to be a spoiler so please please please, let me avoid you any kind of spoil by just saying this: You watched every single episode, even more than once (and we are talking about 7 seasons) how can you possibly miss these incredibly great revival? (Trust me when I say the decision to do it is a miracle).

What’s more to watch? Full out, for all the missed gymnast just like myself (I found out about gymnastics when I was 13, so it was already too late to do it), Suits, Orange is the new black… I literally have no series to binge on at the moment, so some advice is needed…

How about you? Is there a series you particularly like?

Have A Safe Journey!


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