I wish I had written down every expectation I had before leaving home, about 3 months ago. I wish I had a piece of paper with all the bad moments and thought that passed through my mind the very first week in Trento and at the very first impression of the house there. A house that felt just like a house for a long time and then, one weekend, when I was almost convinced it was never going to be from home to home, I hang the world map, fixed a couple of things and bam: welcome home.

However, today’s topic is not this melancholic (not yet), but the fact is I am so surprised about the way things turned out. Like, the fact my father insisted not to change house, cause somehow you’re gonna get used to it and you’re gonna like it there, and trust me when I believed he was completely out of his mind when he said so.

Firstly, the flatmates. At first, when Giulia decided to move away I was actually pretty furious. She was the first person I had met, we shared the hopes to change house and so on, so it seemed the end of the world when she told me she was about to move. But then, Tamara and I got closer, cause we were the only two left in the house and now I have a sister in Trento. By the time Angela moved in, for how different we are, it’s always pleasing to have a person to spend the weekend with and exchange a few words during an intense Sunday studying session. And finally, when Zaira came, I soon understood we were really alike and therefore we definitely became immediately close friends and kind of sisters as well.

Secondly, the first day of university I introduced myself to a person only at first, Beatrice, who happens to be my university best friend (does this word even exist?) cause we are really similar about paperwork and so on, so it was great to find someone you could trust and work greatly with. And we created a strong bond immediately.

About five weeks ago, I was about to sign in at the gym in front of the university, a gym that I didn’t like at all because they were pretty rude but I thought it was comfortable right outside uni plus all my friends were going there. When I told dad about it (cause he’s the one paying for it), he reminded me there was a gym even in my street and that I could try that one as well before signing, cause I might have liked it better. And indeed, I loved it from the very first day and I think I went there about 25-28 days out of 30.

The second week at the gym, I met Martina, a girl about my age who hit the gym with me almost everyday (even the tone up session that we all hated). She’s my gym wife, so we are practically bonded with blood now, or better, with sweat.

Then much more. Like when I met Federica at uni, or I got to know the right person.

I really like the way things are turning out. I really love the fact I’m finally from home to home. And today, while moving back to the initial home for the holidays, the bittersweet feeling came: leaving a home, even though you’re going home, is never easy. See you in two weeks’ time Trento, I’m gonna miss you.

Have A Safe Journey!


Yes, my amazing sister Tamara left me this lovely note today! Love you, T!

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