Show Me That Healthy Glow: #2

I am at the faculty of arts at the moment, trying to find a comfortable position. My butt hurts. My dorsals (are they even called like that?) hurt. My arms, legs and everything in between hurts. I guess this is what training seriously does to me.

When I joined the closest gym to my house, I actually did it because I wasn’t feeling good. I was eating averagely healthy but some craps at the vending machines and I used to wake up every morning with stomachache. Everything I was eating caused me to feel bad for hours and the strange thing was that I couldn’t digest nor even COFFEE.

My uncle gave me tea and told me to drink 2 cups of tea before breakfast and go running +2 per week. JJ told me to have  bach drops and workout more. Dad told me it was stress and I needed to run more often. So, since they all agreed on one thing, I joined the gym.

The first day was pretty fine, I guess. I was actually a bit sore, but that happens when you do nothing since June but run like there’s no tomorrow every now and then. Then, since I knew (and still know) which goal I had in mind, I decided to book a few lessons with a PT. You already know how the first lesson went, but you need an update of one week at the gym/training regime.

First of all, after Friday’s training, on Saturday I went cycling for about 20k and then on Sunday running twice cause everyone seemed looking forward to having a running mate and I was trying to get my running back to its normal levels.

Last Monday I went for a quick and easy workout in the morning, with the purpose of going back in the evening which actually I didn’t keep. Then I went again on Tuesday for body balance, basically pilates, tai chi and yoga, cause I knew what Wednesday had in for me. On my agenda (I’m so professional, I even used the word agenda) there was one thing only for the morning: Session with Chris.

So, I did the laundry before cycling to the gym and then I collected all my strength. I like the gym on Wednesday morning, basically it’s empty and I love the fact I’m one of those lucky people who doesn’t have anything to do at 11am. Anna, the owner, was training as well, so we talked for a few minutes while both on the treadmill. Then Chris made me train muscles I didn’t even know I had. Like, did you know you there are muscles right at the side of your belly (don’t ask for the name sorry) that can be trained with a TRX and someone forcing you to do it. But I survived once again (NO, I cannot run at 11km/h easily if you were wondering, my heart would beat way too fast lol).

So when finally, yesterday, after 8 HOURS OF LESSONS my roommate helped me dragging myself out of the house, there was not even a single muscle which wasn’t begging me to stop. But there was one more training that needed to be done and I wanted to accomplish it.

Chris welcomed me and the other girls at the lesson.

Hey, Camilla, how are you? – he said.
A little sore everywhere, I guess – I answered (Polite way of saying I’m dying but this is gonna be a weekend full of food).
It’s normal, you trained well yesterday – he said.

And that was it, like Evelyn and Luke, in Last days of Winter when he congratulates with her at the end of the second module, saying something like (if I remember well) I have to congratulate with you, after this morning, afternoon and evening I literally destroyed you, but you kept going (Yes, Luke’s compliment was WAY bigger), but still it was one of the most pleasing moments of the day (I came out of 8 hours of lessons, shall I remind you that? I was emotionally fragile damn).

I was another tough lesson but I felt way better after that. I returned to the changing room and a gym-mate of mine (who’s a body builder or something in that direction) told me Do you know if we do abs with Chris? Cause we didn’t do proper abs but… And I  was there like “but what? I’m half dead, where do you find your strengths?”, I just said something like “Maybe next time”.

So I guess today I’m taking a day off, then tomorrow morning I’m going on trails before my Tamy wakes up and then again on Sunday.

From Trento, that’s all!

Have A Safe Journey and rest, my dear friends.



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