Last week, exactly Friday at 5pm, I joined a gym. After having failed every purpose of leading a healthy lifestyle without a goal, I set one and then decided it was time to ask for help. Help’s name is Chris.

Chris has been the first person I spoke to when I entered the gym, he was the one who welcomed me and asked me so many questions (he’s probably one of the very few people to whom I told my weight lol). That day, Friday 4th, I didn’t train with him. But when I signed the contract after the trial, he became my personal trainer *drums please*.

So, apart from the fact he’s a great motivator, I guess he has a strange power of convincing me to do anything he says. So, when on Monday he said our session on Friday is gonna be 1 hour only but very intense, I started freaking out immediately. I spent a couple of evening discussing this with LITERALLY anyone I ran into and then decided it was the best thing for me. Because even if Chris isn’t the big sista with whom I have trained for so long and who knows EVERYTHING about me, it’s okay like that. Since I don’t have that kind of friendship, I cannot complain that frequently. And he can pushes me way harder that I thought it was possible.

So, with a true smile, because I was in the gym on Friday morning while everyone was at work/class/uni, I entered the gym at 10am sharp. You ready? I guess, not really. I did 2 after parties this week.

He makes me run for 20 minutes and I’m completely fine to do that because I mean, it’s just 20 minutes. Then we do a first exercise with a 7kg weight ball and my abs start to hurt after a few reps. But the fact was that he wanted to do as many reps as I could and I’m incapable of giving up in challenges like that. So it ended brutally.

Later on, I figured out every squat I have done in my life before meeting Chris, has been completely wrong and might has caused me problems as well. After having done so many squats I even lost the count, and not because I was supposed to, but because I had to do them right, with an EXTREMELY clean movement. My booty hurt already. We did an easy exercise and then more squat and a way too difficult exercise that made me regret having entered the gym in the first place. But Chris was standing there, telling me to keep going, that I hadn’t reached my 100% potential yet. So I strived to continue as long as I could.

When I finished, I looked like a dead soul in the gym. But I might had finished the exercise, but I wasn’t finished with the session. “You know you have run again now, right?”, he asked me, completely out of the blue. And I was there like “WHAT?!”. But we are not that close so that I could complain. I jump on the treadmill, looked for the WINNING SONGS playlist and set Hall of Fame, Eye of the tiger, We are the champions and We will rock you on repeat. After about 10 minutes, he came to check on my heartbeat which was, I don’t know how or why, 84bpm. He double checked with his phone and the treadmill and it was 84. So he makes me run faster. And longer, cause we have to raise the bar then.

When the time ended, I was completely done. Any kind of strength was out of my body. But still I wasn’t done. He helped me stretching and cooling down, then we set another appointment for next week. I returned to the changing room and suddenly remembered that I still had to cycle back home. What the hell. (P.S. The welcoming phrase he used today was that he’s the strict PT).

So even if I still cant sit properly and that makes my flatmate Angy laugh every time, and even though I am exhausted, I feel grateful and blessed to have such a motivator by my side and so amazed by how powerful I am.

Plus, I’m back at my addition to the HEALTHY GLOW #ShowMeThatHealthyGlow.

Have A Safe Journey!


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