US Elections

*Disclaimer: Please note, any consideration regarding political view is completely mine and not influenced by anyone else. According to freedom of speech and press I am allowed to expose my view about such a hotly debated topic. is not responsible for any kind of gesture or action related to this topic. If this is not the political view you want to read about, please stop reading*.

Apart from the very burocrati beginning, this post has very little to do with actual politics. I am not here to tell you want to do and who to vote. My view starts from a completely different perspective…

Eight years ago, the first time Obama was elected, I was in NYC, as my dad ran the NYC Marathon that year. I remember everyone so joyful and deeply happy about the result, since Obama really represented a wind of change for America and for the world. I remember my mother telling me that even if we didn’t live in America, it was so important to have such a motivated, dedicated and honest leader ruling one of the most powerful countries in the world.

I have to say it, I believe Obama has been a great leader for the US, in my opinion only a few have had the same values while ruling the country (and I’m referring to people like F.D. Roosevelt). I do believe it would have been a great leader for the third time, if he could have been re-elected. But the thing is, that when Americans chose Obama, they chose for the best possible option. What about this time?

Well, the world has changed so much since 2008 and the people running for president have different values guiding them. I am against the Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump for his word of sexism, racism and intolerance. But still I recognize the email scandals related to the Democratic candidate, Hilary Clinton are not exactly what we were looking for either. So I’d like to point out a question to you: which scandals had been related to Obama during his elections? Because I remember that McCain had some sort of scandal of a wife with cancer that he didn’t economically support or something like that, but I don’t remember anything about Obama. And there was no that was locker room talk and nothing like this year. No one was compared to Hitler (have you seen the #beentheredonethat hashtag?). I guess we have reached the point of non return. I guess it’s time to really take the situation in our hands, reflect about the world and the country in which we live and consider politics an important, or better, an essential part of our lives.

One of my dreams is to do my master degree abroad, in one of the Ivy League universities. But I guess America might not be the best answer now.

This is the last night of hope. Tomorrow everything will be decided and democracy will triumph just like always. Be wise when it comes to using the sovereignty given to you.

Have A Safe Journey!



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