It’s not the Gym the problem…


Yesterday, I went to the local gym for a trial with the personal trainer and let me tell you, every muscle I have is hurting. I didn’t even know I had so many muscles in my body. Anyway, I guess this is what happens when you tell the trainer the big goal and he’s like: Okay, I’m gonna make sure you get there.

And even though after the first circuit I was literally dying of exhaustion, it wasn’t that the part I really felt like something wasn’t working. Basically it was when I texted to (a lot) of friends later that evening.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the people I text to (and I love even more the ones I answer to), otherwise I wouldn’t even bother to text them, don’t you think? But I am not sure that sharing your fitness experiences is the best thing for me to do.

Basically, there are 4 people on the planet (okay 5, but Bea is gonna keep it a secret) that know the reason why I decided to go to the gym, not only to relax and recharge. I am gonna keep it like this until I like it, because it’s a long-term goal and I know I need to be ready before doing anything stupid. But the fact is this: I don’t like when everyone is like, what did he make you do? Why are you training? Does this have something to do with a new goal? What is that?

When I texted Bea, telling her Hey, I just survived the gym after like 3 hours into that mad place she sent me such an hilarious text, which was something like I want you alive and capable of moving, which was one of the best moments. When I texted JJ, (part of the elite who knows my big big big plan, because she challenged me) it was even more hilarious, because she asked about the PT (she knows how lazy I am and if I’ve done all of this, there has to be a reason – like how cool is the PT?). And that was completely fine, I was so happy when this happened. The problem came with other messages…

The thing is that in the female universe it seems when you start a certain path, that no one ever thought about taking, everyone wants you to change it. To stop it. And it seems like you are hurting them, or at least making them jealous. And I’m like, WHY THE HELL?

Everyone has to make their own path in life. What works for me, might not work for you, nor for anyone else. By this I’m not saying that what I choose to do with my life is right, I’m just saying it’s RIGHT FOR ME. Please stop this hate around the fitness world. There is a right place for everyone, just try to look for it. But don’t criticize my path please.

Have A Safe Journey!


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