The Perks of Having 2 Homes

For the column #ThePerksOf we have another piece this week(end). What should I say, there are a lot of perks in my life right now. Anyway, when I got back home, on a rainy Thursday night (it wasn’t raining, but the rain makes the perfect atmosphere to start a piece) I dropped my luggage in the garage and went upstairs with the books and the few things I normally carry wherever I go (MacBook + Charger, iPhone + charger, AppleWatch + Charger, mummy’s blanket, beauty case).

The morning after, I did the laundry and stared at my wardrobe half an hour before figuring out what to wear, because it’s incredibly tough to put together an outfit when you have all your favorite clothes either dirty on at your other home.

“One day, when I’ll be rich and famous (please let me believe this day will come eventually) and have a lot of houses all over the world (yes, we are still pretending all this is going to happen) I’m gonna buy like 3 things of everything if I have, for instance, three houses, so that I will never have to carry anything more than  my essentials”.

Among the past 2 years you’ve had many occasions to understand I have a terrible relationship with packing. In my wildest dreams I wanna travel the world with a backpack and a camera, without anything more than the essential. Do you remember the 3 t-shirts rule? However, I am no longer the t-shirt lady. I have one t-shirt only in Trento, a blue Ralph Lauren tee which looks very nice on fantasy trousers. I only wear dresses, bluse, shirts, not tee. And I have one pair only of blue jeans, I bought a pair of grey jeans and a pair of beige jeans but they don’t look like jeans.

The eye want its part, doesn’t it? – My grandma would sa

So I have no intentions to dress casual, nor in Trento, nor at home. Even though, in Trento my looks are way more accurate than at home (always with makeup on, contact lenses, certain kind of effortless chic). However, I do like being well dressed. This is why I am getting mad every time I need to go back home, knowing that if I bring home clean clothes then I have dirty things to take back to Trento and the contrary.

Then we have the beauty case thing. A woman cannot go out without a beauty case, can she? So I have a copy of most products at home, except for strictly makeup. And even if the purse is small, I don’t like this dragging around.

Last but not least, the food habits. *Disclaimer: if you’re a nutritionist, please avoid telling me how bad some products are for my health. Remember I’m still stressed out AF*.

I have Gocciole in Trento, which obviously I don’t buy at home. And the Muller yoghurt. And also, some homemade stuff from grandma which tastes better here in Bratto, but still is a good reminder of her. Then I have no coffee machine and no cooking recipes.

“We travel the entire world just to feel homesick, every now and then”

I have received some very good advice from an amazing woman, who I hope is reading this post, about what I should take with me whenever I travel. She says just a few things, but those that make you feel very very good. And so I do… I take out the backpack she gave me and squeeze in my blanket, my laptop, my phone and an old camera. I say goodbye, I have mum’s bracelet on my wrist and her necklace, I have dad’s bracelet on the other wrist, grandma’s ring and the bracelet J gave to me. And I know, that for how great the adventure has been, it’s time to go, have another one.

May you always have a safe journey!




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