The Perks of Having 6 Hours of Lessons

On Tuesday and on Thursday, I have six hours of lessons, respectively 9-13/14-16 and 9-13/16-18. At first, I thought it was pretty fine. I mean, we have a cool teacher for the last hours of Tuesday, therefore I didn’t really see the problem. Till today, when at about 13 (Thursday) I was dragging myself out of the Sociology class, desperately looking for some sushi (and please note I biked 3 km to get it and go back to uni). Plus, I had to meet my roomie and go with her to the campus, but not only I completely forgot, but when she called me I answered the phone and asked her what she wanted. YES. What for a roomie goal I am.

However you have to say, sushi never disappoints you – the bike rider who shakes it actually does

Then, after having biked all the way back to the other department, Beatrice and I were supposed to study. First, I delayed the fact by watching an episode of Gilmore Girls, leftover from yesterday night and the awful home wifi.

Then, when Bea really smartly began to study, I just opened the laptop and started again my second book (hey writer block, we should really stop our relationship, go out of my life now) and then wrote this post. YES, I studied REALLY HARD. On the bright side, I have 2 hours train tonight from 8 to 10 pm which means I can study or at least fix the notes because my books are in the luggage (read more soon in #ThePerksOfGoingHome).

In 1 hour we’ll be in class again with the man of the moment so… wish us luck!

Have A Safe Journey!


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